Linda's Flash Action Script Blog
Here is the lastest: I just built a PhotoViewer application built with Action Script 3.0 and Flex Builder 2. Has an automatic slide show
See additional links below:

Fox Home Entertainment - A Good Year, 2006 Feature Film
• Actionscript for interactive web site to promote film
• Shared font libraries and HTML within Flash
Memory Game Action Script Development
• Action Script game done with Action Script 2.0 classes
Sony Pictures - Da Vinci Code, 2006 Feature Film
• Designed interactive website to promote the blockbuster film before and during the film’s release
• Flash design, animation and Action Script. Project includes a puzzle, interactive quiz, and scroller timeline. Hired and supervised contractors for the project.
Lower My Bills Actionscript and design for banners on AOL, MSN, and YAHOO
• Actionscript , animantion and design for interactive banners for the home mortgage business

Hollywood Today Emmy's Night Fashion page
• Prototype page with Actionscript , animantion and design
Algrita Jewelry Action Script 2.0 web site
• Action Scripted web site using programming animation and drop down menus.

Converging Perspectives Action Script 2.0 video player
• Action Scripted video player application for videographer.
Algrita Jewelry Action Script 2.0 web site
• Action Scripted scroller showing featured products.
Del Taco Animated Navigation and Video Player Development
• Utilized Action Script 2 to create animated navigation bar based on computer’s time clock
• Assisted with the Development of a video player with bandwidth detection application & encoded video assets.
Damzl Fuel Web Design for New Product Launch
• Action Script, Design, animation, tweening,for new energy drink product
Apex Supplements Action Script Development
• Action Script application with nested Arrays.

Additional links

Budweiser Actionscript slideshows for the Budweiser website
• Actionscript 2.0 slides shows for various Budweiser products

Fox Television Geraldo Show, New York Subway Banners and Point Roll banners
• Designed wall projections using animation and Actionscript for Pointroll and small Flash dynamic banners

Sempra Energy - bill pay application

•AS2, Load Vars, if else statements, text file

Sin City- the movie: Slide show built with AS2, XML, and Flash

World Ski Tours - Flash video development, Actionscript2

(Used mp3's and video files to create an interactive presentation, created a form that captures data
with XML and sends it to a server, used Web Services to transfer data to and from a server, dynamically loaded all copy at runtime, and used all types of animation)
Flash Animation, Design, and Concept

Budweiser Inc. Web Design for New Product Design

• Flash animation for new neck tag for Budweiser bottle

International House of Pancakes

• Designed web site which incorporates Flash animation and Action Script 2

Inhance- Music and Social Networking Portal
• Actions Script 2.0 application for music/social networking site. Programmic effects using color transform,filters, and bitmap data to launch 2/07-3/07.